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CDRI Secretariat Staff

Name Designation Email Phone Number
Megha Punia Deputy Director - HR and Administration +91-11-4044-5904
Amarnath Shukla Senior Specialist – IT +91-11-4044-5947
Jyoti Jarial Manager – HR +91-11-4044-5906
Deepak Rawat Manager - Procurement +91-11-4044-5936
Finance and Accounts
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Rajita Agarwal Deputy Director - Finance and Accounts +91-11-4044-5909
SV Subrahmanyam Manager - Finance +91-11-4044-5910
Research and Knowledge Management
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Dr. Mona Chhabra Anand Director - Research and Knowledge Management +91-11-4044-5938
Dr. Hem Dholakia Lead Specialist - Research +91-11-4044-5913
Aishwarya Pillai Lead Specialist- Publication +91-11-4044-5928
Neha Bhatia Senior Specialist - Knowledge Management +91-11-4044-5917
Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Senior Specialist - Research +91-11-4044-5926
Rajat Uchil Analyst - Research +91-11-4044-5929
Avinash Venkata Analyst-Knowledge Management +91-11-4044-5925
Technical Support and Capacity Building
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Sameer Pethe Senior Specialist - Projects +91-11-4044-5913
Riya Rahiman Senior Specialist - Infrastructure Resilience +91-11-4044-5915
Wasi Md Alam Senior Specialist – Capacity Development +91-11-4044-5930
Raj Vikram Singh Senior Specialist- Disaster Risk Financing +91-11-4044-5945
Dr. Vikrant Panwar Analyst - Disaster Risk Financing +91-11-4044-5927
Advocacy and Partnerships
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Tanaji Sen Director-Advocacy & Partnerships +91-11-4044-5903
Alpana Saha Lead Specialist - Partnerships and External Relations +91-11-4044-5928
Jessica Mosahari Senior Specialist - Advocacy +91-11-4044-5925
Aditya Kaudan Analyst - Advocacy +91-11-4044-5915
Media and Communications
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Ravi Krishnani Specialist - Media and Communications +91-11-4044-5933
Payal Bhatnagar Analyst - Media and Communications +91-11-4044-5918