CDRI Fellowship Programme

The CDRI Fellowship Programme was launched in September 2020 with a vision to develop a multi-disciplinary pool of professionals who will help shape a resilient future for global infrastructure systems. A 12-month seed grant, the CDRI Fellowship provides financial support as well as peer learning and capacity development opportunities to foster transformative, actionable and scalable solutions for real world issues related to disaster resilience of infrastructure.

The CDRI Fellowship Programme aims to promote research and innovation on disaster resilient infrastructure (DRI). It does this by supporting practitioners, academicians, and community leaders who are working in related fields. The Fellows will have an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with their peers from across the world.

The Fellowship is open to all nationals/citizens of CDRI Member Countries. Winning proposals are selected through a rigorous three-tiered review system, including double-blind peer reviews and International Jury selection. Each project is guided and monitored by two Technical Experts (from a pool of empanelled domain and thematic experts) over a 12-month Fellowship period.

Salient Features

Fellowship Amount

CDRI offers a lump-sum Fellowship amount up to $15,000 or equivalent, inclusive of all costs and 15% of the honorarium/overhead of endorsing institute.


The research proposal must be endorsed by any recognized academic or research institute/ government organization.

Multi-Project Opportunity

At any time, a candidate can be part of up to two research projects under the CDRI Fellowship Programme.

Term of Payment

The grant is paid as a lump-sum amount in two equal instalments. The first instalment is released at the beginning of the Fellowship; the second instalment is released after a satisfactory progress of research work towards the third quarter.

Further Opportunities

CDRI may consider further collaboration with the best performing researchers and ways to upscale the research projects.


There is no proposal fee for the CDRI Fellowship Programme.


Students, scholars, faculty, researchers, practitioners from government agencies, service agencies, non-governmental organizations, private organizations, and community workers from CDRI member countries are eligible to apply for the CDRI Fellowship Programme.

Team Members

The proposal can be submitted by an individual or a group of maximum five persons.


The research project is to be completed within 12 months from the disbursement of the first instalment of the Fellowship grant.

Progress Review Process

All research proposals need to be accompanied by a work plan with timelines of major deliverables which are quarterly monitored by CDRI and technical experts.

Ethics and Plagiarism

Violation of ethics and any research plagiarism detected at any stage of the Fellowship will lead to termination of the Fellowship.

Grant Amount (USD)

Months Duration


Fellowship Teams Funded

Fellowship Cohorts