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  • News Update

    CDRI Launches International Youth for Resilient Infrastructure Essay Competition

    NEW DELHI, 15 February 2021 -- Youth represents an important and dynamic segment of the population in every country. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s innovators, creators, builders and leaders. The assurance, devotion and vitality with which young minds work make them the most promising changemakers of…

  • News Update

    CDRI Presents Projects for India’s Odisha State Officials

    On 29 January 2021, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) Director General Sandeep Poundrik met with the Development Commission and senior state officers in Odisha to present CDRI’s ongoing study on power sector and to discuss a proposed risk and resilience assessment study for…

  • News Update

    Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Needs Feature at Climate Extreme Events Webinar

    NEW DELHI, 10 December 2020 – Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) Director General, Mr. Sandeep Poundrik, urged researchers and authorities to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances like the COVID-10 pandemic when defining, managing and responding to disaster risks.   “…

  • News Update

    Resilience Key to Overcoming Vulnerabilities in Health Infrastructure and Supply Chains: Panel

    NEW DELHI, 22 December 2020 – While the challenge of reaching a comprehensive global response to the coronavirus pandemic continues, experts are highlighting lessons to ensure more resilient health infrastructure and supply chains while acknowledging the importance of strong public and private…

  • News Update

    Webinar: Nature-based Solutions Vital for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

    NEW DELHI, 10 November 2020 – Nature-based solutions (NBS) can play a significant role in reducing disaster risk and enhancing infrastructure resilience and the increased need for a stronger international focus and cooperation for promoting NBS. To explore NBS contributions further and capture…