New Delhi, 22 August 2022: The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) and the Government of India signed the Headquarter Agreement today in New Delhi, according the status of an ‘Independent and International Legal Entity’ to CDRI. The agreement was signed by Mr. Amit Prothi, Director General, CDRI and Mr. Noor Rahman Sheikh, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, and will enable the institution to pursue functions internationally with all rights, immunities, and privileges, as per the United Nations (Privileges & Immunities) Act, 1947. 

Addressing the event, Dr. P.K. Mishra, Principal Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India and CDRI Governing Council Co-chair said, “It is a landmark moment for CDRI, to be recognized as an independent international organization, with a Charter endorsed by 31 countries and 8 international organisations in less than two years. This will further enable the organization to fulfil its commitments and engagements on the resilience of infrastructure as envisioned by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.”

Ms. Veena Reddy, USAID/India Mission Director, said, "Climate change is an immediate threat that undermines development, exacerbates global inequality, and increases water and food scarcity.  The U.S. Government is partnering with our co-chair India and other CDRI member countries and institutions to improve the resilience of infrastructure to climate and disaster risks globally. Today, as CDRI acquires international organization status, we reaffirm our support for its vital work. Our partnership with CDRI is saving lives and protecting economies from climate-related shocks and extreme weather events."

Mr. Amit Prothi, Director General, CDRI, said, “This is a momentous milestone that will further enable CDRI to work more closely with Member Countries to address the unique and pressing challenges posed by climate change and foster disaster resilient infrastructure globally.”

Mr. Kamal Kishore, Member Secretary, National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India and CDRI Executive Committee Co-chair, said “CDRI works collaboratively with governments and diverse stakeholders to tackle the present and future challenges confronting humanity with a particular focus on climate change and disaster risks to infrastructure. The according of an international organization status will empower CDRI in its journey to promote resilience and contribute to global goals protecting the well-being of at-risk communities and services.” 

CDRI’s ‘International Organization’ status will provide an impetus to its work on infrastructure resilience in vulnerable and at-risk regions. CDRI aims to impart assistance to countries for the adoption of infrastructure risk governance strategies and risk-informed infrastructure investments to strengthen the resilience of communities and states. As an ‘International Organization,’ CDRI will facilitate capacity development and enable mechanisms for supporting disaster-resilient infrastructure both in India and globally.

About CDRI 

 Launched by Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi at the UN Climate Action Summit at New York on 23 September 2019, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) is a partnership of national governments, UN agencies and programmes, multilateral development banks and financing mechanisms, the private sector, and knowledge institutions that aims to promote the resilience of new and existing infrastructure systems to climate and disaster risks in support of sustainable development.

CDRI promotes rapid development of resilient infrastructure to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals’ imperatives of expanding universal access to basic services, enabling prosperity and decent work.

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