Cities are expanding rapidly with the settlement of more people and assets, improving economies and fueling growth. But the ever-expanding population has put urban systems to an unprecedented stress test with infrastructure struggling to keep up, along with rising risks from natural hazards and climate change. Failure to build resilience to disastrous impacts of natural hazards and climate change could lead to cities worldwide incurring costs up to $314 billion every year by 2030, pushing 77 million more people to poverty.  

To enhance urban resilience, processes must be reflected along with the instruments of risk-informed urban planning and the role they play in integrating resilience in short- and long-term infrastructure decisions. When planning for urban infrastructure, a disaster and climate risk lens needs to be incorporated across the infrastructure lifecycle. Resilience must be factored into conceptualization, planning, regulation, and management of infrastructure in the context of the overall urban planning.  

Current projects: 

CDRI has undertaken an ‘Urban Disaster Resilience Study’ in Cuttack, Odisha, India. The learnings will enable the building of resilient infrastructure systems which are critical to the functionality of the city and the wellbeing of the residents of Cuttack. 

CDRI is working with the Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) of G20 2023 under India’s presidency to develop principles for building sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities of the future. 

Upcoming projects:  

CDRI will be supporting the National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India to develop a National Framework for Urban Flood Risk in India. 

CDRI will undertake an ‘Urban Infrastructure Resilience Study’ in 20 cities across the globe. Results will be shared widely for implementation in CDRI Member Countries, and will enable and guide cities to transform through resilient urban infrastructure with the overall aim of developing livable cities. 

CDRI will prepare a background paper on ‘Urban heat’ in collaboration with various stakeholders.