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Mar 23, 2021 by - Anuja Narendra Chavan

What do indigenous practices entail? Something local. A practice that has emerged from indigenous… Read More

Mar 22, 2021 by - Aronsakda Ses from Thailand

The year is 2120. Kosal, a ninth grader, begins his class by reading the following passage. Grim… Read More

Mar 18, 2021 by - Lauren Anders Brown

  I am best known for empathetic storytelling and using a camera to bring audiences into worlds… Read More

Mar 15, 2021 by - Abinash Mohanty and Shuva Raha

Photo source - istock Infrastructure is intrinsic to every aspect of our lives. However, we tend… Read More

Mar 10, 2021 by - Mr. Abhilash Panda

By - Mr. Abhilash Panda  Technology is now all around us. The digital transformation we have seen… Read More

Mar 09, 2021 by - Dr. Gabriel Bernal

By Dr. Gabriel Bernal  We all agree on the need for disaster resilient infrastructure. But what… Read More

Mar 08, 2021 by - Riya Rahiman 

By Ms. Riya Rahiman  Countries have been grappling to deal with the impacts of climate change and… Read More

Mar 04, 2021 by - Mr. Stephen Bereaux

When one year ago the WHO declared the COVID-19 virus a global pandemic, digital technologies… Read More

Feb 24, 2021 by - Prof. Jim Hall

By Prof. Jim Hall, University of Oxford Last week, large parts of the power network in Texas… Read More